The Namibia-Finland Forestry Programme

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Namibia Forestry Strategic Plan (NFSP) was formulated in 1996 by the Directorate of Forestry (DoF) as the basis for the future organisation and development efforts in the forestry sector. Namibia-Finland Forestry Programme (NFFP) was subsequently launched by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism as the main entry in the implementation of the NFSP and its first phase was implemented during 1997-2001. The overall objective of the Programme was to increase the role of forestry in the socio-economic development of Namibia through continuous development and implementation of sustainable forest management practices. The Programme comprised four components as follows: Public Sector Forestry Capacity Building (included sub-components on Institutional Development, National Forest Inventory, Forestry Training at Ogongo Agricultural College and Technical Support to the National Remote Sensing Centre), Community-level Forest Management, Environmental Forestry, and Integrated Forest Fire Management. The second phase of the NFFP is currently under implementation with a reviewed structure.

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Namibia-Finland Forestry Programme
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