A Strategic Management Plan for Mudumu Landscape 2012 - 2015

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This document sets out a Strategic Management Plan for the Mudumu Landscape, Caprivi Region, Namibia. The plan builds on a number of existing management plans that have been developed for different management units within the landscape. These include the management plans of conservancies, community forests, the Mudumu North Complex (MNC), the Mudumu South Complex (MSC), the Five-year Strategic Plan for the Mudumu Landscape Association, and the Kwando-Linyanti Integrated Tourism Development Plan. The Landscape Strategic Management Plan addresses key threats to biodiversity and addresses the human and social dimensions of conservation in an area where people are mostly poor and dependent upon the land and its natural resources for their livelihoods. This Strategic management Plan for the Mudumu Landscape also strongly builds on the concept of collaborative or "comanagement". Both the MNC and the MSC emerged from the need for co-management between the conservancies, community forests and park staff of the Mamili, Mudumu and Bwabwata national parks. A strong co-management ethic has been developed in these complexes which should form a solid foundation for the implementation of this Strategic Landscape Management Plan.

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Namibia Protected Landscape Conservation Areas Initiative (NAM-PLACE)
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