Air Quality Impact Assessment for the proposed Valencia Uranium Mine in Namibia

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Valencia Uranium Mine, located approximately 75 km southwest of the town of Usakos in centralwest Namibia, will comprise of open pit mining operations including a crushing and screening plant, haul roads, materials transfer points, storage piles, waste rock dumps and a Tailings dump. A processing plant where the uranium will be reclaimed will also form part of the operations. An air quality impact assessment was conducted for the proposed Valencia Uranium Mine and Processing Plant as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment. The main objective of this study was to determine the significance of the predicted impacts from the proposed mining and processing operations on the surrounding environment and on human health. To achieve this objective, the local climate was characterised and existing ambient air quality data and dust fallout information evaluated. Particulates were identified to be the main pollutant of concern resulting from the proposed mining operations and all potential sources of fugitive dust have been identified and quantified. Gaseous emissions as a result from processing plant were omitted from the assessment due to limited information available. Dispersion simulations were undertaken to reflect both incremental (separate sources) and cumulative (all sources combined) impacts.

APP/07/DWA-01 Rev 2
Final Report, Revision 2
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