CSBI Timeline Tool - A tool for aligning timelines for project execution, biodiversity management and financing. Cross-Sector Biodiversity Initiative - December 2013

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This indicative timeline tool has been designed to assist staff involved in extractive project planning to better align project development, biodiversity impact management, and financial timelines and milestones. Its purpose is to provide a roadmap that helps identify key milestones and interdependencies between project development and financing timelines and the actions required to apply the mitigation hierarchy. It is not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to raise awareness of the operational challenges associated with biodiversity impact mitigation. The timeline tool may also be used as an internal capacity building resource or communications tool as it aims to support the work of a variety of people involved in project planning and execution. The intended target audience is staff involved in project planning (project managers, HSE advisors, environmental consultants, financial advisors, lenders). The tool was developed as a product of the Cross Sector Biodiversity Initiative. Other products in development include a catalogue of biodiversity mitigation options and guidance for biodiversity baseline surveys.

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