Vagrants, range extensions and interesting bird records for Skeleton Coast Park Namibia and southern Angola

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The Skeleton Coast Park (SCP) encompasses the arid coastal strip from the Ugab River in the south to the Kunene River in the north of north-western Namibia. The area is bisected by west flowing ephemeral rivers supporting permanent and semi permanent wetlands providing islands of suitable habitat for many wetland associated species. The Kunene River is the only permanent river in the region providing an important wetland at the mouth that is considered to be the second most species rich coastal wetland in Namibia (Simmons et. al. 1993) and is a listed Important Bird Area (Simmons et. al. 1998). Several authors have published results of bird counts and bird lists of the Skeleton Coast Park (Ryan et. al. 1984; Braine 1988; Tarr and Tarr 1987; Braine 1990; Simmons et. al. 1993; Anderson et. al. 2001). This paper presents the result of a wetland bird count done on 22/02/06 at the Kunene River mouth, a coastal bird count covering 8 squares between Rocky Point (-18.9930 S 12.4770 E) and the Kunene River mouth (-17.2500 S 11.7530 E) on 20/02/06 and two squares between Rocky Point and Moewe Bay (-19.3720 S 12.7070 E) on 24/02/06. Incidental observations between 20 and 23/02/06 at the Kunene River mouth and the Hoanib Oasis (-19.4470 S 12.8230 E) on 25/02/06 are also presented.

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