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Hély C, Dowty PR, Alleaume S, Caylor KK, Korontzi S, Swap RJ, Shugart HH, Justice CO 2003. Regional fuel load for two climatically contrasting years in southern Africa. Journal of Geophysical Research 108 (D13) 8475
Caylor KK, Shugart HH, Rodriguez-Iturbe I 2005. Tree Canopy Effects on Simulated Water Stress in Southern African Savannas. Ecosystems 8 (1) 17 - 32
Alleaume S, Hély C, le Roux J, Korontzi S, Swap RJ, Shugart HH, Justice CO 2005. Using MODIS to evaluate heterogeneity of biomass burning in southern African savannahs: A case study in Etosha. International Journal for Remote Sensing 26 (19) 4219 - 4237
Aranibar JN, Otter L, Macko SA, Feral CJW, Epstein HE, Dowty PR, Eckardt F, Shugart HH, Swap RJ 2004. Nitrogen cycling in the soil-plant system along precipitation gradient in the Kalahari sands. Global Change Biology 10 (3) 359 - 373
Scholes RJ, Dowty PR, Caylor K, Parsons DAB, Frost PGH, Shugart HH 2002. Trends in savanna structure and composition along an aridity gradient in the Kalahari. Journal of Vegetation Science 13 (3) 419 - 428
Aranibar JN, Macko SA, Anderson IC, Epstein HE, Feral CJ, Hipondoka M, Potgieter A, Shugart HH 2001. Does Nutrient Dynamics Determine C3-C4 Plant Abundance in Southern African Ecosystems?. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2001 Abstrackt (A51A-0023)

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