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Naidoo V, Wolter K, Cuthbert R, Duncan R 2009. Veterinary diclofenac threatens Africa's endangered vulture species. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 53 205-208
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Veterinary diclofenac threatens Africas endangered vulture species.pdf 213.33 KB
Naidoo V, Venter L, Wolter K, Taggart M, Cuthbert R 2010. The toxicokinetics of ketoprofen in Gyps coprotheres: toxicity due to zero-order metabolism. Arch Toxicol
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The toxicokinetics of ketoprofen in Gyps coprotheres.pdf 337.16 KB
Naidoo V, Wolter K, Espie I, Kotze A 2011.  A Vulture rescue and rehabilitation in South Africa: an urban perspective. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 82 (1) 24-31
Naidoo V, Wolter K, Espie I, Kotze A 2012. Lead toxicity: consequences and interventions in an intensively managed (Gyps coprotheres) vulture colony. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 43 (3) 573-578
Kane A, Wolter K, Neser W, Kotze A, Naidoo V, Monadjem A 2016. Home range and habitat selection of Cape Vultures Gyps coprotheres in relation to supplementary feeding. Bird Study DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2016.1214105
van den Heever L, Elburg MA, Iaccheri L, Naidoo V, Ueckermann H, Bybee G, Smit‑Robinson HA, Whitecross MA, McKechnie AE 2022. Identifying the origin of lead poisoning in white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus) chicks at an important South African breeding colony: a stable lead isotope approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Swan G, Naidoo V, Cuthbert R, Green RE, Pain DJ, Swarup D, Prakash V, Taggart M, Bekker L, Das D, Diekmann J, Diekmann M, Killian E, Meharg A, Patra RC, Saini M, Wolter K 2006. Removing the Threat of Diclofenac to Critically Endangered Asian Vultures. PLOS Biology 4 (3) 0395-0402
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Swan_2006_plos_biology_4_diclofenac.pdf 690.37 KB
Louis Phipps WL, Diekmann M, MacTavish LM, Mendelsohn JM, Naidoo V, Wolter K, Yarnell RW 2017. Due South: A first assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on Cape vulture occurrence. Biodivers Conservation 210 16-25

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