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John H-Ch, Mohrholz V, Lutjeharms JRE, Weeks S, Cloete R, Kreiner A, da Silva Neto D 2004. Oceanographic and faunistic structures across an Angola Current intrusion into northern Namibian waters. Journal of Marine Systems 46 (1-4) 1-22
Louw DC, van der Plas AK, Mohrholz V, Wasmund N, Junker T, Eggert A 2016. Seasonal and interannual phytoplankton dynamics and forcing mechanisms in the Northern Benguela upwelling system. Journal of Marine Systems 157 124-134
Ohde T, Mohrholz V 2011. Interannual variability of sulphur plumes off the Namibian coast. International Journal of Remote Sensing 32 (24) 9327-9342
Lass HU, Mohrholz V 2005. On the fluctuations and vertical structure of the shelf circulation off Walvis Bay, Namibia. Continental Shelf Research 25 1473 - 1497
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