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Kenny D, Reading R, Maude G, Hancock P, Garbett B 2015. Blood lead levels in White-Backed Vultures (Gyps africanus) from Botswana, Africa. Vulture News 68 25-31
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Blood lead levels in White_Backed Vultures_Botswana_2015.pdf 314.82 KB
Garbett R, Herremans M, Maude G, Reading RP, Amar A 2018. Raptor population trends in northern Botswana: A re-survey of road transects after 20 years. Biological Conservation (224) 87-99
Garbett R, Maude G, Hancock P, Kenny D, Reading R, Amar A 2018. Association between hunting and elevated blood lead levels in the critically endangered African white-backed vulture Gyps africanus. Science of The Total Environment (630) 1654-1665
Weise FJ, Vijay V, Jacobson AP, Schoonover RF, Groom RJ, Horgan J, Keeping D, Klein R, Marnewick K, Maude G, Melzheimer J, Mills G, van der Merwe V, van der Meer E, Van Vuuren RJ, Wachter B, Primm SL 2017. The distribution and numbers of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) in southern Africa. PeerJ e4096
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The distribution and numbers of cheetah in southern Africa_2017.pdf 6.63 MB

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