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Kimaro ME, Lendelvo S, Nakanyala J 2015. Determinants of tourists' satisfaction in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Journal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (4) 116-131
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Determinants of tourists satisfaction in Etosha National Park.pdf 820.01 KB
Lendelvo S, Angula M, Mfune JKE 2015. Indigenous knowledge used in the management of human-wildlife conflict along the borders of Etosha National Park. Indigenous knowledge of Namibia Chinsembu K, Cheikhyoussef A, Mumbengegwi D, Kasanda KSC, Kazembe L
Lendelvo S, Munyebvu F, Suich H 2012. Linking women's participation and benefits within the Namibian Community Based Natural Resource Management Program. Journal of Sustainable Development (5) 27-39
Bandyopadhyay S, Guzman JC, Lendelvo S 2010. Communal conservancies and household welfare in Namibia.
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Research Discussion Paper 82_2010.pdf 2.12 MB
Lendelvo S, Nghitevelekwa R, Pinto M 2021. Gendered climate change-induced human-wildlife conflicts amidst COVID-19 in Erongo Region, Namibia. Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis Böhm S, Sullivan S 159-172
Perry I, Jams IB, Casas-Mulet R, Hamutoko J, Marchbank A, Lendelvo S, Naomab E, Mapani B, Creer S, Wanke H, Durance I, Kille P 2022. Challenges to implementing environmental-DNA monitoring in Namibia. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9 e773991
Nakanyete NF, Nghitevelekwa RV, Matsa MM, Mendelsohn J, Lendelvo S 2020. Communal land tenure security for widows in the Eenhana constituency of the Ohangwena region, Namibia. Journal of International Women's Studies 21 (1) 131-147
Lendelvo S, Jones B, Hazam J 2007. Membership models in Namibian Communal Conservancies.
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Membership_Models_in_Namibian_Coummunal_Conservacies.pdf 5.84 MB

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