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Wasiolka B, Blaum N, Jeltsch F, Henschel J 2009. Behavioural responses of the lizard Pedioplanis l. lineoocellata to overgrazing. Acta Oecologica 35 157-162
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Behavioural responses of the lizard Pedioplanis_2009.pdf 198.38 KB
Lohmann D, Tietjen B, Blaum N, Joubert DF, Jeltsch F 2014. Prescribed fire as a tool for managing shrub encroachment in semi-arid savanna rangelands. Journal of Arid Environments 107 49-56
Popp A, Domptail S, Blaum N, Jeltsch F 2009. Landuse experience does qualify for adaptation to climate change. Ecological Modelling 220 (5) 694-702
Popp A, Vogel M, Blaum N, Jeltsch F 2009. Scaling up ecohydrological processes: Role of surface water flow in water-limited landscapes. Journal of Geophysical Research 114 10 pages
Jeltsch F, Blaum N, Classen N, Eschenbach A, Grohmann C, Gröngröft A, Joubert DF, Horn A, Lohmann D, Linsenmair KE, Lück-Vogel M, Medinski TV, Meyfarth S, Mills A, Petersen A, Popp A, Poschlod P, Reisch C, Rossmanith E, Rubilar H, Wesuls D, Wichmann M, Wieczorek M, Zimmermann I 2010. Impacts of landuse and climate change on the dynamics and biodiversity in the Thornbush Savanna Biome. Biodiversity in southern Africa Hoffman MT, Schmiedel U, Jürgens N 3 33-74
Blaum N, Rossmanith E, Jeltsch F 2007. Land use affects rodent communities in Kalahari savannah rangelands. African Journal of Ecology 45 (2) 189-195
Tietjen B, Jeltsch F, Zehe E, Classen N, Groengroeft A, Schiffers K, Oldeland J 2009. Effects of climate change on the coupled dynamics of water and vegetation in drylands. Ecohydrology 3 (2) 226-237
Blaum N, Wasiolka B, Rossmanith E, Jeltsch F 2008. The effects of grazing-induced shrub encroachment on animal diversity in southern Kalahari rangelands.
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