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McMullan SR, Gieske A, Campbell C 1992. Where on earth are we? (Applications of GPS navigation in Botswana)..
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Where on earth are we.pdf 893.25 KB
Gieske A 1996. Modelling of surface outflow from the Okavango Delta. Botswana Notes and Records 28 165-192
Gieske A, Obakeng O 1997. Modelling outflow from the Jao/Boro River system in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Journal of Hydrology 193 214 - 239
Cronberg G, Gieske A, Martins E, Mengu JP, Stenstrom I-M 1995. Hydrobiological studies of the Okavango Delta and Kwando /Lenyanti /Chobe River, Botswana, I surface water quality analysis. Botswana Notes and Records 27 151 - 226
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Hydrobiological studies of the Okavango Delta and Kwando.pdf 6.13 MB

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