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Garstang M, Davis RE, Leggett K, Frauenfeld OW, Greco S, Zipser E, Peterson M 2014. Response of African Elephants (Loxodonta africana) to seasonal changes in rainfall. Plos ONE 9 (10) e108736
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Response of African Elephants to seasonal changes in rainfall.pdf 2.41 MB
Larom D, Garstang M, Lindeque M, Raspet R, Zunckel M, Hong Y, Brassel K, OBeirne S, Sokolic F 1997. Meteorology and elephant infrasound at Etosha National Park, Namibia. Journal of Acoustical society of America 101 (3) 1710 - 1717
Garstang M, Ellery WN, McCarthy TS, Scholes MC, Scholes RJ, Swap RJ, Tyson PD 1998. The contribution of aerosol- and water-borne nutrients to the functioning of the Okavango Delta ecosystem, Botswana. South African Journal of Geology 101 (2) 101 - 117

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