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Srivastava P, Brook GA, Marais E 2004. A record of fluvial aggradation in the northern Namib Desert during the Late Quaternary. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 133 1-18
Srivastava P, Brook GA, Marais E, Morthekai P, Singhvi AK 2006. Depositional environment and OSL chronology of the Homeb silt deposits, Kuiseb River, Namibia. Quaternary Research 65 (3) 478-491
Brook GA, Cherkinsky A, Marais E, Todd N 2014. Rare elephant molar (Loxodonta africana zulu) from the Windhoek Spring Deposit, Namibia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa (Special Issue: A festschrift for Professor Mary Seely) 69 (3) 145-150
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Rare elephant molar from the Windhoek Spring Deposit_Namibia.pdf 1.2 MB
Scott L, Romera GG, Marais E, Brook GA 2018. Pollen in fossil hyrax dung from Marine Isotope Stages 2 and 3 reveals past environments in Namibia. Quaternary International (464) 260-272
Railsback LB, Liang F, Brook GA, Voarintsoa NRG, Sletten HR, Marais E, Hardt B, Cheng H, Edwards RL 2018. The timing, two-pulsed nature, and variable climatic expression of the 4.2 ka event: A review and new high-resolution stalagmite data from Namibia. Quaternary Science Reviews 186 78-90
Hodgins G, Brook GA, Marais E 2007. Bomb-spike dating of a mummified baboon in Ludwig Cave, Namibia. International Journal of Speleology 36 (1) 31-38
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Bomb_spike dating of a mummified baboon in Ludwig Cave_Namibia.pdf 829.35 KB
Scott L, Neumann FH, Brook GA, Bousman CB, Norström E, Metwally AA 2012. Terrestrial fossil-pollen evidence of climate change during the last 26 thousand years in Southern Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews 32 100-118

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