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Altwegg R, Broms K, Erni B, Barnard P, Midgley GF, Underhill LG 2011. Novel methods reveal shifts in migration phenology of barn swallows in South Africa. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
Gibbons B, Mitchell C, Altwegg R, Anderson MD 2009. Crane ecology. Namibia Crane News 42 2-4
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Crane ecology_2009.pdf 437.07 KB
Collingham YC, Huntley B, Altwegg R, Barnard P, Beveridge OS, Gregopry RD, Mason LR, Oschadleus HD, Simmons RE, Willis SG, Green RE 2014. Prediction of mean adult survival rates of southern African birds from demographic and ecological covariates. Ibis
van Velden JL, Altwegg R, Shaw K, Ryan PG 2016. Movement patterns and survival estimates of Blue Cranes in the Western Cape. Ostrich DOI: 10.2989/00306525.2016.1224782
Huntley B, Altwegg R, Barnard P, Collingham YC, Hole DG 2012. Modelling relationships between species spatial abundance patterns and climate. Global Ecology and Biogeography 21 668-681
Huntley B, Collingham YC, Singarayer JS, Valdes PJ, Barnard P, Midgley GF, Altwegg R, Ohlemüller R 2016. Explaining patterns of avian diversity and endemicity: climate and biomes of southern Africa over the last 140,000 years. Journal of Biogeography
Scott A, Scott M, Altwegg R, Böhme H, Brain C, Gariseb S, Guim S, Kapner J, Kolberg H, Mendelsohn J, Shatumbu G, Simmons R, Versfeld W, Vilho A 2019. Conservation aspects of the Blue Crane in Namibia.
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Blue Crane poster Etosha112_June 2019.pdf 1.65 MB
Guo D, Guo R, Cui Y, Midgley GF, Altwegg R, Thiart C 2011. Climate Change Impact on Quiver Trees in Arid Namibia and South Africa. Climate Change - Geophysical Foundations and Ecological Effects Blanco J, Kheradmand H 323-324

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