Basic organizational leadership concept and process of shifting and delegating power and authority from a higher level to subordinate levels within the administrative/managerial hierarchy in order to promote independence, responsibility, and quicker decision-making in applying or interpreting policies and procedures to the needs of these levels.

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Wyckoff-Baird B, Kaus A, Christen CA, Keck M 2000. Shifting the Power: Decentralization and Biodiversity Conservation.
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Decentralization and biodiversity conservation.pdf 5.56 MB
2013. Regions of Namibia.
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Constantino PAL, Carlos HSA, Ramalho EE, Rostant L, Marinelli C, Teles D, Fonseca-Junior SF, Fernandes B, Valsecchi J 2012. Empowering Local People through Community-based Resource Monitoring: a Comparison of Brazil and Namibia. Ecology and Society 17 (4) 22
Heins P 2005. Water institutional reforms in Namibia. 89-106
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Water Institutional Reforms in Namibia Heyns 2007.pdf 136.41 KB