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McNamara T, Descubes I, Claasen C 2016. Trophy hunting in Namibia: A case of an unethical image that is Unjustified?. (January 13, 2016)
… The purpose of this paper is to examine the discourse of organized trophy hunting providers, mostly operating in Namibia. With the increasing pressure from opponent groups such as animal rights activists as …
McNamara T, Claasen C, Descubes I 2015. Trophy Hunting in Namibia: Controversial but Sustainable?. A Case Study of "Hunters Namibia Safaris".
… in Zimbabwe in July 2015 opened a Pandora’s Box on the ethical and economic implications of trophy hunting, especially in African countries. Private trophy hunting operators such as Hunters Namibia Safaris, a Namibian company, more than ever before, had to justify their business. No …
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Trophy hunting in Namibia.pdf 616.83 KB
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 2016. Informing decisions on trophy hunting: A Briefing Paper for European Union Decision-makers regarding potential plans for restriction of imports of hunting trophies. (April 2016)
Trophy hunting is currently the subject of intense debate, with moves at various levels to end or restrict it, including through bans on carriage or … EU, to ensure proper implementation of the rules by Member States, and to persuade countries that are issuing permits to trophy hunters without due consideration for the impacts of trophy
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Informing decisions on trophy hunting_IUCN.pdf 4.13 MB
Lindsey PA, Alexander R, Frank LG, Mathieson A, Romanach SS 2006. Potential of trophy hunting to create incentives for wildlife conservation in Africa where alternative wildlife‐based land uses may not be viable. Animal Conservation (9) 283-291
… There is a lack of consensus among conservationists as to whether trophy hunting represents a legitimate …
Lindsey PA, Balme GA, Booth VR, Midlane N 2012. The significance of African lions for the financial viability of trophy hunting and the maintenance of wild land. PLoS ONE (7) e29332
… Recent studies indicate that trophy hunting is impacting negatively on some lion populations, notably in Tanzania. In …
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Lindsey et al 2012 Economic viability African lion hunting PLOSOne.pdf 259.99 KB
Bollig M, Olwage E 2016. The political ecology of hunting in Namibia's Kaokoveld: from Dorsland Trekkers' elephant hunts to trophy-hunting in contemporary conservancies. Journal of Contemporary African Studies (34) 61-79
… Throughout the past 120 years, hunting has linked the semi-arid Kaokoveld (northwestern Namibia) to global trade networks simultaneously embedding it within global aspirations to … 'subsistence' hunting, and leisure hunting by colonial officials, and finally deals with modern trophy-hunting in the context of community-based natural resource management. Keywords: …
Muposhi VK, Gandiwa E, Makuza SM, Bartels P 2017. Ecological, physiological, genetic trade-offs and socio-economic implications of trophy hunting as a conservation tool: A narrative review. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (27) 1-14
Although the contribution of trophy hunting as a conservation tool is widely recognised, there … mostly considered in isolation, as independent research fields in wildlife conservation: (1) trophy quality and population ecology of hunted species, (2) behavioural ecology of hunted …
Bouché P, Crosmary W, Kafandon P, Doamba B, Kidjo FC, Vermeulen C, Chardonnet P 2016. Embargo on Lion Hunting Trophies from West Africa: An Effective Measure or a Threat to Lion Conservation?. PLoS ONE (11) e0155763
… The W-Arly-Pendjari (WAP) ecosystem, shared among Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger, represents the last lion stronghold of West Africa. To assess the impact of trophy hunting on lion populations in hunting areas of the WAP, we analyzed trends in harvest rates …
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Embargo on Lion Hunting Trophies from West Africa.pdf 1.9 MB
Brink H, Smith RJ, Skinner K, Leader-Williams N 2016. Sustainability and Long Term-Tenure: Lion Trophy Hunting in Tanzania. PLoS ONE (11) e0162610
… It is argued that trophy hunting of large, charismatic mammal species can have considerable conservation …
Batavia C, Nelson MP, Darimont CT, Paquet PC, Ripple WJ, Wallach AD 2018. The elephant (head) in the room: A critical look at trophy hunting. Conservation Letters (2018) e12565
Trophy hunting has occupied a prominent position in recent scholarly literature and popular media. In the … usage as a source of monetary support for conservation. Although authors at times acknowledge that trophy hunting faces strong opposition from many members of the public, often for …
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The elephant_head_in the room_A critical look at trophy hunting.pdf 135.39 KB
Fischer A, Weldesemaet YT, Czajkowski M, Tadie D, Hanley N 2015. Trophy hunters' willingness to pay for wildlife conservation and community benefits. Conservation Biology (29) 1111-1121
… In the face of fundamental land‐use changes, the potential for trophy hunting to contribute to …
Wielgus RB, Morrison DE, Cooley HS, Maletzke B 2013. Effects of male trophy hunting on female carnivore population growth and persistence. Biological Conservation (167) 69-75
… Carnivore populations are often managed based on the density dependent, compensatory mortality model, which suggests that trophy hunting of males causes an increase in female reproductive success, survival, and population …
Humavindu MN, Barnes JI 2003. Trophy hunting in the Namibian economy: an assessment. Journal of Wildlife Research 33 (2) 65-70
… Data derived from several sources were used to determine basic economic values for the trophy hunting industry in Namibia for the hunting season in 2000. Some 3 640 trophy hunters spent 15 450 hunter-days, …
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Trophy hunting in the Namibian economy_an assessment.pdf 98.39 KB
Descubes I, McNamara T, Claasen C 2017. E-Marketing communications of trophy hunting providers in Namibia: evidence of ethics and fairness in an apparently unethical and unfair industry?. Current Issues in Tourism DOI: 10.1080/13683500.2017.1299696
… This paper investigates how the e-marketing communication of trophy hunting operators in Namibia may affect and reinforce the overall tainted image of this controversial industry. The …
Lindsey PA, Roulet PA, Romanach SS 2007. Economic and conservation significance of the trophy hunting industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Biological Conservation (134) 455-469
… There is a lack of consensus among some conservation NGOs and African governments concerning the acceptability and effectiveness of trophy hunting as a conservation tool. This lack of consensus is due partly to a lack of reliable …
Lescuyer G, Ngouhouo Poufoun J, Defo L, Bastin D, Scholte P 2016. Does trophy hunting remain a profitable business model for conserving biodiversity in Cameroon?. International Forestry Review (18) 108-118
… In Central Africa, trophy hunting constitutes an incentive-based approach for sustainable wildlife … provide an order of magnitude of the financial performance of this sector in Cameroon. In 2012, trophy hunting was likely to generate an annual turnover of € 7.5 million and its added value …
Crosmary W-G, Loveridge AJ, Ndaimani H, Lebel S, Booth V, Côté SD, Fritz H 2013. Trophy hunting in Africa: long‐term trends in antelope horn size. Animal Conservation (16) 648-660
Trophy hunting in ungulates may favour individuals with smaller horns. A decrease in horn/antler size may jeopardize … being harvested. Horn length declined by 6% in sable antelopes, independent of age, suggesting that trophy hunting selected male sable antelopes with smaller horns through time, provided that
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Trophy hunting_Horn Size_Crosmary_2013.pdf 596.58 KB
Miller JRN, Balme G, Lindsey PA, Loveridge AJ, Becker MS, Begg C, Brink H, Dolrenry S, Hunt JE, Jansson I, MacDonald DW, Mandisodza-Chikerema RL, Cotterill AO, Packer C, Rosengren D, Stratford K, Trinkel M, White PA, Winterbach C, Winterbach HEK, Funston PJ 2016. Aging traits and sustainable trophy hunting of African lions. Biological Conservation (201) 160-168
Trophy hunting plays a significant role in wildlife conservation in some contexts in various parts of the world. … is contributing to species declines, especially for large carnivores. Simulation models suggest that sustainable hunting of African lions may be achieved by restricting offtakes to males old …
Swanepoel LH, Lindsey P, Somers MJ, Van Hoven W, Dalerum F 2014. The Relative Importance of Trophy Harvest and Retaliatory Killing of Large Carnivores: South African Leopards as a Case Study. South African Journal of Wildlife Research (44) 115-134
… There are considerable challenges in the conservation of large carnivores, caused by large area … rates and low population densities coupled with their tendency to cause conflict with humans. Trophy hunting is one strategy to increase support for large carnivore conservation. Leopards, Panthera
Gandiwa E, Heitkönig IMA, Lokhorst AM, Prins HHT, Leeuwis C 2013. Illegal hunting and law enforcement during a period of economic decline in Zimbabwe: A case study of northern Gonarezhou National Park and adjacent areas. Journal for Nature Conservation (21) 133-142
… Illegal hunting of wildlife, or top-down harvesting, is a major issue in today's society, … and unfenced protected area, and adjacent communal areas in southern Zimbabwe. We hypothesised that illegal hunting activities would (1) be perceived to have increased due to economic … … Illegal hunting and law enforcement during a period of economic decline in Zimbabwe: A case study of northern Gonarezhou National Park and adjacent areas …
Palazy L, Bonenfant C, Gaillard JM, Courchamp F 2012. Rarity, trophy hunting and ungulates. Animal Conservation (15) 4-11
… The size and shape of a trophy constitute major determinants of its value. We postulate that the rarity … its value among hunters. We investigated a role for an Anthropogenic Allee effect in trophy hunting, where human attraction to rarity could lead to an over‐exploitative chain reaction that
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