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Hofmann DD, Behr DM, McNutt JW, Ozgul A, Cozzi G 2021. Bound within boundaries: Do protected areas cover movement corridors of their most mobile, protected species?. Journal of Applied Ecology 00 1-12
… maintain and restore connectivity among wildlife populations. Boundaries of such conservation areas are often determined based on expert opinion and socio-political constraints, yet the … movement behaviour such as dispersal. Nevertheless, empirically assessing the adequacy of protected areas is key for the implementation of targeted management actions and efficient use … corridors of wild dogs ran within the KAZA-TFCA, although some minor routes remained formally unprotected. Differences in permeability were mainly related to different degrees of human …
Garbett R 2018. Conservation of raptors and vultures in Botswana: with a focus on lappet-faced vultures Torgos tracheliotos. University of Cape Town
… these were small (6-15%). I then went on to explore changes in abundance inside and outside of protected areas. In contrast to what was anticipated, I found that only two species showed significantly … the recovery of three Gyps vulture populations that were driven to near extinction due to veterinary drug – diclofenac, in carrion. To explore whether VSZs would work for African …
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Conservation of raptors and vultures in Botswana.pdf 5.57 MB
Protected Areas - Our Protected Areas.
… Namibia has achieved enviable successes in terms of biodiversity conservation and protected area management. The country has an extensive and internationally renowned protected area network, covering about 17% of the country. … Protected Areas - Our Protected Areas
World Database on Protected Areas incorporating the UN List of Protected Areas.
… The World Database on Protected Areas is a foundation dataset for conservation decision making. It contains crucial information … analysis and is increasingly used for private sector decision-making. … World Database on Protected Areas incorporating the UN List of Protected Areas
Turnbull PCB, Tindall BW, Coetzee JD, Conradie CM, Bull RL, Lindeque PM, Hübschle OJB 2004. Vaccine-induced protection against anthrax in cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) and black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis). Vaccine 22 (25-26) 3340-3347
… almost complete, but, obscurely, none of the mice receiving serum from the fourth rhino were protected. Sera from three park lions with naturally acquired high antibody titres, included as …
Pitkin B 1995. Protected Area Conservation Strategy (PARCS): Training needs and opportunities among Protected Area managers in eastern, central and southern Africa.
Protected Area Conservation Strategy (PARCS) Training needs and opportunities among Protected Area ... …
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Protected area conservation strategy.pdf 35.88 MB
Jacobs FJ, Naesje TF, Ulvan EM, Weyl OLF, Tiyeho D, Hay CJ, O'Brien GC, Downs CT 2019. Implications of the movement behaviour of African tigerfish Hydrocynus vittatus for the design of freshwater protected areas. Journal of Fish Biology 2019 1-9
… with external radiotransmitters in the Kavango River, Namibia, to determine whether freshwater protected areas could be an effective tool for the management and conservation of this species. They were … the study area for at least 50% of the monitored time. These findings suggest that freshwater protected areas may be a useful management tool and we predict that a protected river area of …
Saura S, Bastin L, Battistella L, Mandrici A, Dubois G 2017. Protected areas in the world's ecoregions: How well connected are they?. Ecological Indicators 76 144-158
Protected areas (PAs) are the main instrument for biodiversity conservation, which has triggered the … an indicator of PA connectivity that (i) quantifies the percentage of a study region covered by protected connected lands, (ii) can be partitioned in several components depicting different … PA coverage and to use in the assessment of global targets for PA systems. Keywords: Protected areas, Connectivity indicators, Aichi targets, Green infrastructure, Ecological networks. … …
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Protected_areas_in_the_worlds_ecoregions.pdf 2.94 MB
Liminana R, Soutullo A, Arroyo B, Urios V 2012. Protected areas do not fulfil the wintering habitat needs of the trans-Saharan migratory Montagu's harrier. Biological Conservation 145 (1) 62-69
… habitat use of the species during the wintering season, and whether the current network of protected areas is effective to provide their habitat needs during that season. We also developed an … in Western-Central Sahel to check if the most suitable sites are included within current protected areas. Tracked harriers occupied a large region encompassing a total of eight …
Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) 2009. Striking a better balance: An investigation of mining practices in Namibia's Protected Areas.
… benefits of mineral extraction with the threat that it poses to the long-term integrity of protected areas with the economic benefits of eco-tourism and the cost of implementing a viable … and explored in several Government policies, such as the Policy on Prospecting and Mining in Protected Areas (1999). This report seeks to advance the discussion of the problems, …
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Mining in Protected Areas.pdf 1.85 MB
Phipps WL, Wolter K, Michael MD, MacTavish LM, Yarnell RW 2013. Do Power Lines and Protected Areas Present a Catch-22 Situation for Cape Vultures (Gyps coprotheres)?. Plos ONE 8 (10)
… and the prevalence of carcasses contaminated with illegal poisons and other threats outside protected areas are thought to be the primary drivers of declines in southern Africa. We used GPS-GSM … 492,3006259,427 km2) Cape vultures to investigate the influence of power lines and their use of protected areas. The vultures travelled more than 1,000 km from the capture site and …
Sebotho DL, Toteng B 2010. Exploring prospects for enhancing community participation in protected area management: A case study of the Moremi Game Reserve Area. Botswana Notes and Records 42 100-111
… Dominant approaches to wildlife utilisation in protected areas exclude local community participation. This results in conflict between protected areas and adjacent communities. The study assessed prospects of community …
Stone MT, Nyaupane GP 2016. Protected areas, tourism and community livelihoods linkages: a comprehensive analysis approach. Journal of Sustainable Tourism (24) 673-693
… This study explores the linkages among protected areas, tourism and community livelihoods in a rural setting. The Chobe National Park and Chobe … capital framework (CCF) that provided a comprehensive approach. The study identified that protected areas, tourism and community livelihoods linkages have many inter-dependent community …
Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) 2013. National Policy on Protected Areas' Neighbours and Resident Communities.
… Namibia has a well-developed network of protected areas that makes a major contribution to the conservation objectives contained in the country's … As a result there are often negative impacts on the habitats and wildlife conserved by the protected areas because neighbours are hostile to the parks. Further, the considerable economic …
Snyman S 2014. Assessment of the main factors impacting community members' attitudes towards tourism and protected areas in six southern African countries. Koedoe - African Protected Area Conservation and Science 56 (2) 1-12
… their access to natural resources. This naturally affected community attitudes towards protected areas and efforts were later made to rectify growing tensions. In the last few decades of the … many areas will depend on the attitudes and behaviour of communities living in or adjacent to protected areas. Managing and understanding community expectations and attitudes under varying …
Murn C, Mundy P, Virani MZ, Borello WD, Holloway GJ, Thiollay J-M 2016. Using Africa's protected area network to estimate the global population of a threatened and declining species: a case study of the Critically Endangered White-headed Vulture Trigonoceps occipitalis. Ecology and Evolution 6 (4) 1092-1103
… The White-headed Vulture Trigonoceps occipitalis (WhV) is uncommon and largely restricted to protected areas across its range in sub-Saharan Africa. We used the World Database on Protected Areas to identify protected areas (PAs) likely to contain White-headed Vultures. …
Porter-Bolland E, Ellis EA, Guariguata MR, Ruiz-Mallén I, Negrete-Yankelevich S, Reyes-García V 2012. Community managed forests and forest protected areas: An assessment of their conservation effectiveness across the tropics. Forest Ecology and Management 268 6-17
… This paper assesses the role of protected and community managed forests for the long term maintenance of forest cover in the … management and assess their performance in maintaining forest cover. Case studies included 40 protected areas and 33 community managed forests from the peer reviewed literature. A statistical …
Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) 2016.  Fire management strategy for Namibia's protected areas.
… Namibia has an impressive network of Protected Areas (PAs) that forms the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation across the country and … global benefits, and to maintain water quality. Management of fire is one of the challenges in Protected Areas and this Fire Management Strategy for Namibia's Protected Areas represents a …
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Fire Management_Strategy Final Version_Nambia_MET. 2016.pdf 9.78 MB
Brown C, Canney S, Martin R, Tarr P 2005. Strengthening the System of National Protected Areas Project, Namibia. Subcontract No. 3: Conservation Needs Assessment.
… of three background reports prepared on behalf of the Strengthening the System of National Protected Areas Project, "A Conservation Needs Assessment." The report consists of a status assessment of existing protected areas (PAs) identifying priority threats and problems. It also includes the …
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Conservation Needs Assessment.pdf 2.08 MB
Huntley BJ, Beja P, Pinto PV, Russo V, Veríssimo L, Morais M 2019. Chapter 18: Biodiversity Conservation: History, Protected Areas and Hotspots. Biodiversity of Angola - Science and Conservation: A Modern Synthesis 495-512
… and habitat diversity, with a corresponding richness in animal and plant species. Legally protected areas (National Parks and Game Reserves) were established from the 1930s and occupied 6% of the … terrestrial area at the time of independence in 1975. As a consequence of an extended war, the Protected Areas were exposed to serious neglect, poaching and land invasions. Many habitats of …
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Biodiversity Conservation_History_Protected Areas and Hotspots.pdf 476.39 KB
Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) 2010. State of Protected Areas in Namibia - A review of progress and challenges.
… the establishment of the first Namibian parks in 1907. It is truly impressive how conservation areas have grown since then. In this International Year of biodiversity (IYB), we are in the happy position of possessing one of the largest and most dynamic protected-area networks on the African continent, including the well-advanced community-based … it provides opportunities for income generation to sustain people's livelihoods. Our protected areas are vital tools for conserving Namibia's essential biodiversity. By managing our …
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State of Protected Areas in Namibia_2010.pdf 22.22 MB
Vassallo P, Paoli C, Buonocore E, Franzese PP, Russo G, Povero P 2017. Assessing the value of natural capital in marine protected areas: A biophysical and trophodynamic environmental accounting model. Ecological Modelling (355) 12-17
… is even more important when a protection regime is established (such as in the case of marine protected areas) to evaluate the efficacy of undertaken conservation measures. In this study, a … environmental accounting model was developed to assess the value of natural capital in marine protected areas. The model of natural capital assessment is articulated in three main steps: 1) …
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Assessing the value of natural capital in marine protected areas.pdf 880.84 KB
Willis SG, Hole DG, Collingham YC, Hilton G, Rahbek C, Huntley B 2009. Assessing the Impacts of Future Climate Change on Protected Area Networks: A Method to Simulate Individual Species' Responses. Environmental Management 43 (5) 836-845
… article, we provide a method to simulate the occurrence of species of conservation concern in protected areas, which could be used as a first-step approach to assess the potential impacts of climate change upon such species in protected areas. We use species-climate response surface models to relate the occurrence of 12 …
Naro EM, Maher SML, Muntifering JR, Eichenwald AJ, Clark SG 2020. Syndicate recruitment, perceptions, and problem solving in Namibian rhinoceros protection. Biological Conservation 243
Smit E 2020. New project to protect black rhino.
… Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union (EU), through the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme. According to SRT, this two-year project will train and …
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NAM_2020_12_New project to protect black rhino_Namibian Sun.pdf 345.09 KB
Social Impact Assessment and Policy Analysis Corporation (SIAPAC) 2007. Study on Characteristics of Demand of Tourists and Use Patterns of Protected Areas and in Namibia.
… Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for the Strengthening the Protected Area Network (SPAN) Project. The main aim of the SPAN Project is to strengthen Namibia's system of Protected Areas (PAs), supporting MET's goals of enhanced biodiversity, environmental protection and …
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jwwUNDP FINAL Parks Survey Report MET SIAPAC 1_07.doc 4.74 MB
Reyers B 2013. Conserving Biodiversity Outside Protected Areas. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity Second Edition 289-305
Protected areas have long been the mainstay of humanity's attempts to conserve areas deemed to be of natural, cultural, or ecological importance. However, it is unlikely that protected areas alone will stem the tide of biodiversity loss. In the past few decades …
Turpie J, Lange G-M, Martin R, Davies R, Barnes J 2004. Strengthening Namibia's system of National Protected Areas: Subproject 1: Economic analysis and feasibility study for financing.
… This study is one of three that have been commissioned under a PDF B Grant to assist in the preparation of a Project Document for the UNDP/GEF project on Strengthening the System of National Protected Areas in Namibia. The aim of the overall project is to safeguard the integrity of biodiversity …
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Turpie J Strengthening Namibias System Of National Protected Areas.pdf 950.21 KB
Beyer M 2013. Certification of Protected Areas (CERPA): An Evaluation of international markets and their socio‐economic implications using the example of wetlands in Sub-Saharan Africa - Results from the sub-project 'Hydrology and Water Resource Management'.
… Water Resource Management (WRM) in semi – arid areas has been and is continuing to be challenging, especially in Africa where climatic … water resources and the Ecosystem as a whole. In the research project ‘CERPA – Certification of Protected Areas’ the practicability of an international market system for protected areas is evaluated. As an example for the case study, wetlands and floodplains in …
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Cerpa_Hydrology_Final_Report_MB.pdf 8.23 MB
Bigalke RC 2000. Functional Relationships Between Protected and Agricultural Areas in South Africa and Namibia. Wildlife Conservation by Sustainable Use 12 169-201
… The history of the establishment of protected areas in South Africa and Namibia is outlined. Interactions between selected examples of protected areas and their neighbours are described. While there are cases of conflict because of …
Currie H, Grobler K, Kemper J 2008. Namibia's Islands' Marine Protected Area..
… realized and a number of coastal states have embarked on the creation of networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). One of the primary purposes of MPAs is to facilitate fisheries management, particularly the management of components of marine ecosystems that are not protected by traditional fisheries management. MPAs are regarded as one of the essential tools …
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Namibian islands MPA_Final-report_15August08.pdf 4.86 MB
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) 2020. The state of protected and conserved areas in Eastern and Southern Africa.
… unsustainable recreational activities, deforestation and illegal trade are threatening protected areas, species and ecosystems. To add to these challenges, the current COVID-19 pandemic has … tourism industry and therefore, a significant decrease in conservationrelated funding for the protected areas whose main revenue is tourism-based. The pandemic is exacerbating the gap in …
Turpie J, Barnes J, Wilson G 2011. Enhancing the value of Protected Areas of the Makgadikgadi Pans Wetland System through co-management and sustainable financing.
… PROJECT: "Strategic Partnerships to Improve the Financial and Operational Sustainability of Protected Areas". The overall objective of the "Strategic Partnerships" project is to improve the financial and operational sustainability of Protected Areas (PAs) in Botswana through improved working partnerships between public, private, …
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Makgadikgadi BirdLife 2011.pdf 3.4 MB
Protected Areas Pay in Namibia.
… In Namibia, the GEF is funding a protected area project (Catalyzing Sustainability of Protected Area Systems: Strengthening the Protected Area Network (SPAN), … is addressing this issue head-on, and early signs from the project are encouraging. … Protected Areas Pay in Namibia …
Ludynia K, Kemper J, Roux J-P 2012. The Namibian Islands' Marine Protected Area: Using seabird tracking data to define boundaries and assess their adequacy. Biological Conservation 156 136-145
… Marine Protected Areas are important tools for the conservation and management of marine ecosystems, including top predators. The Namibian Islands' Marine Protected Area (NIMPA) primarily aims to improve the status of threatened seabird species … Namibia and therefore needed to include all Namibian seabird breeding islands and key foraging areas. For the design of the NIMPA we used information on the foraging ecology of globally …
Turpie J, Barnes J, de Longcamp M, Paxton M 2010. Sustainable Financing Plan for Namibia's Protected Area System.
… Namibia's protected areas cover approximately 17% of the country and form the core strategy in ensuring a sound … conservation obligations under the Convention of Biological Diversity. In addition, the protected area system contributes significant value to the national economy, primarily in that … income and the fastest growing economic sector. … Sustainable Financing Plan for Namibia's Protected Area System …
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Sustainable Financing Plan for Namibias Protected Area System.pdf 2.72 MB
Desmet P, Midgley G, Turpie J 2010. Vulnerability of Namibia's Protected Area System to Climate Change: Quantitative Assessment of Impacts.
… This study provides a quantitative assessment of the impacts of climate change onthe Namibian protected area system (PAS)to fulfil its mandate of conserving the country's biodiversity. The assessment looks at the PAS ability to achieve current protected area conservation targets as well as the ability of the current PAS to adequately … PAS to better fulfil its mandate given the anticipated changes. … Vulnerability of Namibia's Protected Area System to Climate Change Quantitative Assessment of Impac... …
Ruppel OC 2008. Third Generation Human Rights and the Protection of the Environment in Namibia. Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Namibia 101-119
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Third_generation human rights and the protection.pdf 355.2 KB
Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) 2013. National Policy for the Provision of Housing in Protected Areas, November 2010.
… Tourism is a major growth sector in the Namibian economy and protected areas are of strategic importance to the tourism sector and the Namibian economy as a whole. Consequently, for Namibian Wildlife Resorts and others operating within our Protected Areas (PAs) to compete effectively with wildlife tourism destinations elsewhere in …
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Housing Policy in Protected Areas.pdf 1.7 MB
Pérez-García JM, Botella F, Sánchez-Zapata JA, Moleón M 2011. Conserving outside protected areas: Edge effects and avian electrocutions on the periphery of Special Protection Areas. Bird Conservation International 1 - 7
… lines and susceptible birds, and higher use of the pylons for perching and roosting in the areas surrounding the SPAs. We therefore conclude that the focus on preventative measures being … peripheral areas. Our results illustrate a classic problem of an edge effect associated with a protected area, where external human influences directly affect the persistence of protected species within reserves. … Bird Conservation International … Conserving outside …
Sacred Natural Sites. Guidelines for Protected Area Managers.
… Sacred Natural Sites. Guidelines for Protected Area Managers. Task Force on the Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas in collaboration with UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme. … Sacred Natural Sites. …
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Sacred Natural Sites_Guidelines for Protected Area Managers.pdf 9.98 MB
Namibia Protected Landscape Conservation Areas Initiative (NAM-PLACE).
… Project Objective: Protected Landscape Conservation Areas are established and ensure that land uses in areas adjacent to existing Protected Areas are compatible with biodiversity conservation objectives, and corridors are …
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Namibia Protected Landscape Conservation Areas Initiative.doc 3.6 MB
2020. Protected Areas.
… Shapefile of boundaries of state protected areas. Also A3 jpg map of conservation areas: communal conservancies, state protected areas, tourism concession areas. Updated April 2020. … Protected Areas
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Attachment Size 1.59 MB
Vanderpost C 2007. Protected areas in Ngamiland, Botswana: investigating options for conservation‐development through human footprint mapping. International Journal of Environmental Studies 64 (5) 555-570
… While concern about the encroachment of human activity (or 'human sprawl') into natural areas is worldwide, it takes on an extra dimension in eastern and southern Africa, where we find … interaction. The paper argues that it is useful to employ footprint mapping in African protected area buffer zones to reveal specific regional patterns and options in order to enhance … Africa, Environmental impact mapping. … International Journal of Environmental Studies … Protected areas in Ngamiland, Botswana investigating options for conservation-development …
2020. Wildlife zones introduced to protect rhino.
… By introducing a zoning approach, the necessary resources can be redirected to areas most in need of support. Seven Integrated Wildlife Zones are being introduced across South Africa to protect the country’s rhino. "By demarcating areas primarily around rhino populations, wildlife in the area, as well the people living in and around conservation areas, will be protected," said the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy. … Wildlife …

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