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Taljaard S, Monteiro PS, Botes WAM 2006. Structured ecosystem-scale approach to marine water quality management. Water SA 32 (4) 535 - 542
Maggs GL, Vorster P, van der Walt JJA 1985. Taxonomy of the genus Pelargonium (Geraniaceae): the section Polyactium 1. Circumscription and intrasectional classification. South African Journal of Botany 61 (2) 53-59
… by their floral (and in one subsection, vegetative) morphology. The subsections are circumscribed and a key to their identification is provided. Species excluded from the section are … of Botany … Taxonomy of the genus Pelargonium (Geraniaceae): the section Polyactium 1. Circumscription and intrasectional classification …
Brown LH 2009. The economic impact of climate change on commercial agriculture in Namibia.
… climate change. … The economic impact of climate change on commercial agriculture in Namibia. MSc Thesis …
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Economic impact of climate change on commercial farming in Namibia.pdf 785.38 KB
Hanssen L, Fwelimbi MH, Balyerwa Conservancy, Dzoti Conservancy, Kabulabula Conservancy, Kasika Conservancy, Lusese Conservancy, Mashi Conservancy, Nakabolelwa Conservancy, Sangwali Conservancy, Sobbe Conservancy, Wuparo Conservancy 2019. Human-Lion Conflict Mitigation in the Zambezi Region, Namibia Report March 2019.
… Overall there has been a steady decline in the number of livestock killed by lions in the MSC from 2012/2013 until 2018. Thirty two cattle were killed in the MSC during 2018 which is a decline of 80% since 2012/2013 when cattle killing rose sharply. … …
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Human_Lion Conflict Mitigation in the Zambezi Region 2019.pdf 1.62 MB
Hanssen L, Funston P, Fwelimbi MH, Siyanga O 2016. Human-Lion conflict in the Mudumu South Complex, Zambezi Region, Namibia - Report February 2015.
… The Mudumu-South Complex (MSC) lies in the southernmost tip of the east Zambezi Region, Namibia and is made up of national parks, three conservancies and community forests. The MSC is in the heart of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation area and is important for …
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Human-Lion Conflict in the MSC_Report March 2015.pdf 738.35 KB
du Toit B 2018. Development of a regional masters programme on dryland forestry. Climate change and adaptive land management in southern Africa - assessments, changes, challenges, and solutions Revermann R, Krewenka KM, Schmiedel U, Olwoch JM, Helmschrot J, Jürgens N 332-333
… programme for dryland forestry (SASSCAL Task 079). It was decided to aim for a research-based MSc in Forestry (i.e., a programme based on the production of an MSc thesis) that would be supported by a number of elective short courses or modules. The …
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Development of a regional masters programme on dryland forestry.pdf 1.23 MB
Goldblatt P, Manning JC 2014. Taxonomy of the Moraea saxicola complex (Iridaceae: Iridoideae) of arid, western southern Africa, with the new species, M. acocksii, M. geminifolia, M. quartzicola and M. teretifolia. South African Journal of Botany 91 75-83
… M. quartzicola Goldblatt & J.C.Manning from the southern Knersvlakte of Western Cape. The circumscriptions of Moraea bolusii Baker and M. namibensis Goldblatt are adjusted in light of new … of the latter is expanded to include the Richtersveld of South Africa. We also expand the circumscription of M. saxicola, previously a Namibian endemic, to include plants from southern …
2014. A Strategic Management Plan for Mudumu Landscape 2012 - 2015.
… of conservancies, community forests, the Mudumu North Complex (MNC), the Mudumu South Complex (MSC), the Five-year Strategic Plan for the Mudumu Landscape Association, and the Kwando-Linyanti … also strongly builds on the concept of collaborative or "comanagement". Both the MNC and the MSC emerged from the need for co-management between the conservancies, community forests and …
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Mudumu_Landscape_Strategic_Management_Plan.pdf 1006.37 KB
Chemisquy MA, Giussani LM, Scataglini MA, Kellogg EA, Morrone O 2010. Phylogenetic studies favour the unification of Pennisetum, Cenchrus and Odontelytrum (Poaceae): a combined nuclear, plastid and morphological analysis, and nomenclatural combinations in Cenchrus. Annals of Botany 106 107–130
… bristle clade within the x ¼ 9 Paniceae (Panicoideae). Within the bristle clade, taxonomic circumscription of Cenchrus (20–25 species), Pennisetum (80–140) and the monotypic Odontelytrum is …
Fielden LJ 1991. Home range and movements of the Namib Desert golden mole, Eremitalpa granti namibensis (Chrysochloridae). Journal of Zoology 223 (4) 675-686
… nests or burrows were found while the pattern of home range utilization was nomadic but circumscribed. Home ranges overlapped with those of neighbouring animals. … Journal of Zoology … Home …
Klaassen ES, Bergh NG 2012. Nclusion of the Cape genus Anisothrix in the Namibian-centred genus Pentatrichia (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) based on a molecular phylogenetic analysis. South African Journal of Botany 78 2 - 11
… using nuclear (ITS and 3' ETS) and chloroplast (trnT-trnL) DNA sequence data. Generic circumscription was examined via the inclusion of appropriate outgroup taxa (Anisothrix and …
Heinl M 2001. Fire and its effects on vegetation in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
… The present MSc-Thesis (Diplomarbeit) describes the results of a one-year project about the effects of fire …
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Fire and its effects on vegetation in the Okavango Delta.pdf 3.87 MB
Bornman CH, Butler V, Jensen WA 1979. Welwitschia mirabilis: Fine Structure of the Germinating Seed I. Orientation. Zeitschrift für Pflanzenphysiologie 91 (3) 189-196
… and ultrastructurally in order inter alia to clarify the feeder's function, are circumscribed. Keywords: Welwitschia, seed, gametophyte, Feeder, Germination. … Zeitschrift für …
Stervander M, Alström P, Olsson U, Ottosson U, Hansson B, Bensch S 2015. Multiple instances of paraphyletic species and cryptic taxa revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear RAD data for Calandrella larks (Aves: Alaudidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 102 233-245
… acutirostris. It also suggested that both C. brachydactyla and C. blanfordi, as presently circumscribed, are paraphyletic. In contrast, most of the many subspecies of C. brachydactyla and C. …
Manning JC 2019. New synonyms and combinations in Drimia Jacq. (Hyacinthaceae) in southern Africa. Bothalia - African Biodiversity and Conservation 49 (1)
… alternative classification system in use in South African herbaria. Conclusion: A broadly circumscribed Drimia Jacq. has the advantages of nomenclatural stability and utility. The newly …
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New synonyms and combinations in Drimia Jacq in southern Africa.pdf 815.98 KB
Kwembeya EG, Stedje B 2007. A numerical taxonomy of the pan species of Crinum based on morphological characters. Nordic Journal of Botany 25 (3-4) 137-144
… Baker, were subjected to multivariate and univariate statistical analyses in order to circumscribe morphological species as objectively as possible. Results of the clustering and …
Steyn EMA, Smith GF, van Wyk AE 2004. Functional and taxonomic significance of seed structure in Salix mucronata (Salicaceae). Bothalia (34) 53-59
… zoochorous flacourtiaceous taxa. recently classified with the former in a more inclusively circumscribed Salicaeae s.l. Keywords: anemochory, Flacourtiaceae, hilar aril, hydrochory, plumed …
Nicolson SW, Bartholomew GA, Seely MK 1984. Ecological correlates of locomotion speed, morphometries and body temperature in three Namib Desert tenebrionid beetles. African Zoology 19 (3) 131-134
… with the ecology of different species. We measured average running speeds of 90 cm/s for Onymscris plana, 23 cm/s for Physsdesmia globosa and 3 cm/s for Epiphysa arenicols. The speed …
Daru BH, Manning JC, Boatwright JS, Maurin O, Maclean N, Schaefer H, Kuzmina M, van der Bank M 2013. Molecular and morphological analysis of subfamily Alooideae (Asphodelaceae) and the inclusion of Chortolirion in Aloe. Taxon 62 (1) 62-75
… polyphyletic, comprising three main clades that largely correlate with current subgeneric circumscriptions. Astroloba and Gasteria are evidently each monophyletic and sister respectively to …
Barnes J, Boyd C, Cannon J 2003. Economic Incentives for Rangeland Management in northern Botswana: Implications for Biodiversity. VIIth International Rangelands Congress
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jwwpap30 Rangeland use and biodiversity FINAL.pdf 276.57 KB
Chinsembu KC, Hedimbi M, Mukaru WC 2011. Putative medicinal properties of plants from the Kavango region, Namibia. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 5 (31) 6787-6797
… activity and characterization of their active chemical compounds is expensive. In order to circumscribe this problem, this paper presents data on the putative medicinal properties of plants …
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Putative medicinal properties of plants from the Kavango region.pdf 422.18 KB
Amadhila E, Ikhide S 2016. Constraints to financing agriculture in Namibia. African Review of Economics and Finance 8 (2) 82-112
2011. Notes on Commicarpus Standl. in southern Africa, including a new record for Namibia. Bothalia 41 (2) 289-326
… Namibia. In southern Africa, the taxon has been regarded as of limited occurrence, as the circumscription of Commicarpus helenae var. helenae has generally been misunderstood. Based on …
Jarre A, Hutchings L, Kirkman S, Kreiner A, Tchipalanga PCM, Kainge P, Uanivi U, Van der Plas A, Blamey L, Coetzee J, Lamont T, Samaai T, Verheye H, Yemane D, Axelsen BE, Ostrowski M, Stenevik EK, Loeng H 2015. Synthesis: Climate effects on biodiversity, abundance and distribution of marine organisms in the Benguela. Fisheries Oceanography (24) 122-149
Behrens KG, Broadbent N, Galgut E, Gardner J, Molefe M 2018. Ethical considerations in the management of livestock predation. Livestock predation and its management in South Africa: A Scientific Assessment Kerley G, Wilson S, Balfour D 82-105
… this use of ‘we’, the assumed agents might not be humankind as a whole, but rather a more circumscribed and specific group, such as those who are interested in formulating appropriate policy …
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Livestock Predation and its management in SA.pdf 662.84 KB

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