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Anderson ORJ, Small CJ, Croxall JP, Dunn EK, Sullivan BJ, Yates O, Black A 2011. Global seabird bycatch in longline fisheries. Endangered Species Research (ESR) 14 91-106
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Global seabird bycatch in longline fisheries.pdf 231.97 KB
Paterson JRB, Yates O, Holtzhausen H, Reid T, Shimooshili K, Yates S, Sullivan BJ, Wanless RM 2017. Seabird mortality in the Namibian demersal longline fishery and recommendations for best practice mitigation measures. Oryx 53 (2) 300-309
Da Rocha N, Oppel S, Prince S, Matjila S, Shaanika TM, Naomab C, Yates O, Paterson JRB, Shimooshili K, Frans E, Kashava S, Crawford R 2021. Reduction in seabird mortality in Namibian fisheries following the introduction of bycatch regulation. Biological Conservation 253

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