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Osborne T, Versfeld W 2001. Raptor research conducted within Etosha National Park. Lanioturdus 34 (1) 19-20
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Raptor research conducted within Etosha National Park.pdf 208.7 KB
Ntinda TV, Cunningham P, Scott A, Scott M, Versfeld W 2012. Are traditional healers contributing to the decline of Blue Cranes in Namibia?. Ornithological Observations 3 218-222
Brown CJ, Bridgeford PA, Braine SG, Paxton M, Versfeld W 2015. Breeding data on the birds of Namibia: laying months, colony and clutch sizes and egg measurements. Ornithological Observations 6 92-196
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Breeding data on the birds of Namibia_2015.pdf 1.84 MB
Millington L, Versfeld W, Swanepoel W, Cunningham P, Cunningham A 2009. More Blue Crane sightings from Etosha. Namibia Crane News 42 2
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More Blue crane sightings in Etosha.pdf 139.66 KB
de Beer Y, Kilian W, Versfeld W, van Aarde RJ 2006. Elephants and low rainfall alter woody vegetation in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Journal of Arid Environments 64 412 - 421
Scott A, Scott M, Altwegg R, Böhme H, Brain C, Gariseb S, Guim S, Kapner J, Kolberg H, Mendelsohn J, Shatumbu G, Simmons R, Versfeld W, Vilho A 2019. Conservation aspects of the Blue Crane in Namibia.
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Blue Crane poster Etosha112_June 2019.pdf 1.65 MB
Simmons R, Brown C, Cunningham P, Kapofi I, Kolberg H, Scott A, Scott M, Versfeld W 2006. Etosha Blues: cranes hang on in Namibia. Africa - Birds and Birding 11 (4) 51
Nowell K, Gasaway WC, Preisser T, van Adrichem EEC, Forge O, Lindeque PM, Scheepers L, Fox B, Versfeld W, Brain C 1998. Factors relevant to the conservation management of cheetah in the Etosha National Park.
Stanback M, Millican D, Versfeld W, Nghikembua M, Marker L, Mendelsohn J 2021. Double-brooding in Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills Tockus leucomelas. Ostrich 92 (2) 105-112
Turner WC, Küsters M, Versfeld W, Horak IG 2017. Ixodid tick diversity on wild mammals, birds, and reptiles in and around Etosha National Park, Namibia. African Journal of Ecology 55 (4) 714-721
Simmons R, Baker N, Braby R, Dodman T, Nasirwa O, Tyler S, Versfeld W, Wearne K, Wheeler M 2007. The Chestnut-banded Plover is an overlooked globally Near Threatened Species. Bird Conservation International (17) 273-283

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