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Patrick MJ, Turton AR, Julien F 2006. Transboundary Water Resources in Southern Africa: Conflict or cooperation?. Development 49 (3) 22 - 31
Kgathi DL, Kniveton D, Ringrose S, Turton AR, van der Post CHM, Lundqvist J, Seely M Okavango: a river supporting its people, environment and economic development. Journal of Hydrology 331 (1-2) 3-17
Turton AR, Ashton P 2008. Basin Closure and Issues of Scale: The Southern African Hydropolitical Complex. Water Resources Development 24 (2) 305-318
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Basin Closure and Issues of Scale Turton and Ashton.pdf 314.6 KB
Turton AR, Ashton P, Cloete E 2003. Chapter 1: An introduction to the hydropolitical drivers in the Okavango River basin. Transboundary rivers, sovereignty and development: Hydropolitical Drivers in the Okavango River basin 9-30
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hydropolitical drivers in the Okavango River basin.pdf 133.02 KB

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