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Miller JRN, Balme G, Lindsey PA, Loveridge AJ, Becker MS, Begg C, Brink H, Dolrenry S, Hunt JE, Jansson I, MacDonald DW, Mandisodza-Chikerema RL, Cotterill AO, Packer C, Rosengren D, Stratford K, Trinkel M, White PA, Winterbach C, Winterbach HEK, Funston PJ 2016. Aging traits and sustainable trophy hunting of African lions. Biological Conservation (201) 160-168
Trinkel M, Fleischmann PH, Steindorfer AF, Kastberger G 2004. Spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) follow migratory prey. Seasonal expansion of a clan territory in Etosha, Namibia. Journal of Zoology 2 (264) 125-133

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