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Di Minin E, Laitila J, Montesino-Pouzols F, Leader-Williams N, Slotow R, Goodman PS, Conway AJ, Moilanen A 2014. Identification of Policies for a Sustainable Legal Trade in Rhinoceros Horn Based on Population Projection and Socioeconomic Models. Conservation Biology 00 (0) 1-11
Kettles R, Slotow R 2009. Management of free-ranging lions on an enclosed game reserve : research article. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 39 (1) 23-33
Miller SM, Bissett C, Burger A, Courtenay B, Dickerson T, Druce DJ, Ferreira S, Funston PJ, Hofmeyr D, Kilian PJ, Matthews W, Naylor S, Parker DM, Slotow R, Toft M, Zimmermann D 2013. Management of reintroduced lions in small, fenced reserves in South Africa : an assessment and guidelines. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 43 (2) 138-154
Millspaugh JJ, Rittenhouse CD, Montgomery RA, Matthews WS, Slotow R Resource selection modeling reveals potential conflicts involving reintroduced lions in Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa. Journal of Zoology 296 (124-132) 2015
Slotow R, Perrin MR 1992. The importance of large prey for Blackshouldered Kite reproduction. Ostrich 63 (4) 180 - 182

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