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Gardiner M, Matros-Goreses A, Roberts C, Seely M 2006. Site Characterisation for Kuiseb Riparian Ecosystems.
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Site Characterisation for Kuiseb Riparian Ecosystems.pdf 1.81 MB
Bethune S, Falke M, Heyns P, Kinahan J, Klintenberg P, Oosthuizen F, Seely M, Wittneben F, Werner W 2008. Water Resources Management Plan for the Kuiseb Basin - Action Plans. Volume 1.
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Water Resources Management Plan for the Kuiseb Basin_Volume 1.pdf 651.63 KB
Manning N, Seely M, Botes A 2002. Proceedings of the ELAK, Basin management workshop.
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Proceedings ELAK Basin Management Workshop.pdf 16.25 MB
Jacobson K, van Diepeningen A, Evans S, Fritts R, Gemmel P, Marsho C, Seely M, Wenndt A, Yang X, Jacobson P 2015. Non-Rainfall Moisture Activates Fungal Decomposition of Surface Litter in the Namib Sand Sea. Plos ONE 10 (5) e0126977
Ramond J-B, Pienaar A, Armstrong A, Seely M, Cowan DA 2014. Niche-Partitioning of Edaphic Microbial Communities in the Namib Desert Gravel Plain Fairy Circles. Plos ONE 9 (10) e109539
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Niche_Partitioning of Edaphic Microbial Communities_NAmib Desert.pdf 747.94 KB
Vanderpost C, Ringrose S, Seely M 2005. Preliminary land-use and land-cover mapping in the upper Okavango Basin and implications for the Okavango Delta. Botswana Notes and Records 37 (Special Edition on Human Interactions and Natural Resource Dynamics in the Okavango Delta and Ngamiland) 236-252
Seely M, Klintenberg P 2007. Can information circulation contribute to combating desertification?. AIDCCD – Active exchange of experience on indicators and development of perspectives in the context of UNCCD: Role of information circulation systems in scientific and practical approaches to combat desertification. Proceedings of the International Seminar 14-23
Klintenberg P, Seely M 2005. State of the art on existing indicators and their use for desertification monitoring and CCD implementation in southern Africa. AIDCCD active exchange of experience on indicators and development of perspectives in the context of UNCCD: Report on the state of art on existing indicators and CCD implementation in the UNCCD Annexes 95-139
Seely M, Dirkx E, Hager C, Klintenberg P, Roberts C, von Oertzen D 2008. Advances in desertification and climate change research: are they accessible for application to enhance adaptive capacity?. Global and Planetary Change 64 (3-4) 236-243
Stomeo F, Valverde A, Pointing SB, McKay CP, Warren-Rhodes KA, Tuffin MI, Seely M, Cowan DA 2013. Hypolithic and soil microbial community assembly along an aridity gradient in the Namib Desert. Extremophiles 17 (2) 329-337
Benito G, Rohde R, Seely M, Kulls C, Dahan O, Enzel Y, Todd S, Botero B, Morin E, Grodek T, Roberts C 2010. Management of Alluvial Aquifers in Two Southern African Ephemeral Rivers: Implications for IWRM. Water Resources Management 24 (4) 641-667
Seely M, Klintenberg P, Hager C 2008. Human Dimensions of Soil Sustainability. Encyclopedia of Soil Science Second - Edition
Klintenberg P, Seely M 2004. Land Degradation Monitoring in Namibia: A First Approximation. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 99 (1 - 3) 5 - 21
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Land Degradation Monitoring in Namibia_A First Approximation.pdf 1.52 MB
Seely M, Moser P 2004. Connecting Community Action and Science to Combat Desertification: Evaluation of a Process. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 99 (1 - 3) 33 - 55
Dahan O, Tatarsky B, Enzel Y, Kulls C, Seely M, Benito G 2008. Dynamics of Flood Water Infiltration and Ground Water Recharge in Hyperarid Desert. Ground Water 46 (3) 450 - 461
Botes A, Henderson J, Nakale T, Nantanga K, Schachtschneider K, Seely M 2003. Ephemeral rivers and their development: Testing an approach to basin management committees on the Kuiseb River, Namibia. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 28 (20 - 27) 853 - 858
Coetzee M, Kinyanga V, Kruger B, Seely M, Werner W 2014. Combating land degradation in Namibia over 23 years: learning what matters in DLDD. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 69 (3) 171-174
Seely M, Wöhl H 2004. Connecting Research to Combating Desertification. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 99 (1-3) 23-32
Ringrose S, Matheson W, Seely M, Cassidy L, Coetzee S, Kemosidile T 2014. Aspects of floodplain deposition in semi-arid ephemeral rivers, examples from the Kuiseb river valley, central Namibia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 69 (3) 187-193
Seely M, Ward V, Wassenaar T 2014. Science education for sustainable development: the Gobabeb experience. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa Published online: 08 Sep 2014
Jacobson K, Cutchins D, Seely M, Seiz J, Willis E, Jacobson P 2014. Supporting a teaching and learning community across borders: Grinnell College at Gobabeb. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa Published online: 31 Jul 2014
Kgathi DL, Kniveton D, Ringrose S, Turton AR, van der Post CHM, Lundqvist J, Seely M Okavango: a river supporting its people, environment and economic development. Journal of Hydrology 331 (1-2) 3-17
Muche G, Kruger S, Hillmann T, Josenhans K, Ribeiro C, Bazibi M, Seely M, Nkonde E, de Clercq W, Strohbach B, Kenabatho KP, Vogt R, Kaspar F, Helmschrot J, Jürgens N 2018. SASSCAL WeatherNet: present state, challenges, and achievements of the regional climatic observation network and database. Climate change and adaptive land management in southern Africa - assessments, changes, challenges, and solutions Revermann R, Krewenka KM, Schmiedel U, Olwoch JM, Helmschrot J, Jürgens N 34-43
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SASSCAL WeatherNet.pdf 1.91 MB
Ramond J-B, Woodborne S, Hall G, Seely M, Cowan D 2018. Namib Desert primary productivity is driven by cryptic microbial community N-fixation. Scientific Reports (8)
Roberts CS, Seely M, Ward D, Mitchell D, Campbell JD 2008. Body temperatures of Namib Desert tenebrionid beetles: their relationship in laboratory and field. Physiological Entomology (16) 463-475
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Body temperatures of Namib Desert tenebrionid beetles.pdf 4.59 MB
Ronca S, Ramond J-B, Jones BE, Seely M, Cowan DA 2015. Namib Desert dune/interdune transects exhibit habitat-specific edaphic bacterial communities. Frontiers in Microbiology (6)
Grodek T, Morin E, Helman D, Lensky I, Dahan O, Seely M, Benito G, Enzel Y 2020. Eco-hydrology and geomorphology of the largest floods along the hyperarid Kuiseb River, Namibia. Journal of Hydrology 582
Kaseke KF, Tian C, Wang L, Seely M, Vogt R, Wassenaar T, Mushi R 2018. Fog spatial distributions over the central Namib Desert - An isotope approach. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 18 49-61
Seely M, Klintenberg P 2011. Case Study Desertification: Central-Northern Namibia. Silviculture in the Tropics 491-499
van der Walt AJ, Johnson RM, Cowan DA, Seely M, Ramond J-B 2016. Unique microbial phylotypes in Namib Desert dune and gravel plain fairy circle soils. Applied and Environmental Microbiol 82 (15) 4592-4601
Eckardt FD, Livingstone I, Seely M, von Holdt J 2013. The Surface Geology and Geomorphology Around Gobabeb, Namib Desert, Namibia. Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography 95 (4) 271-284
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The Surface Geology and Geomorphology Around Gobabeb.pdf 1.05 MB
Warren-Rhodes KA, Boyle LN, Wing MR, Kiekebusch EM, Cowan DA, Stomeo F, Pointing SB, Kaseke KF, Eckardt F, Henschel JR, Anisfeld A, Seely M, Rhodes K 2013. Physical ecology of hypolithic communities in the central Namib Desert: The role of fog, rain, rock habitat, and light. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 118 (4) 1451-1460
Seely M 2014. The ongoing story of SDP - A venerable programme still delivers quality results. Gobabeb Times 9 (2) 17
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The ongoing story of SDP.pdf 176.74 KB

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