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Wagner K-H, Scott A, Scott M 2014. Update on power line monitoring and mitigation.
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EAPAN 2014 mini conference proceeding.pdf 1.01 MB
Scott A, Scott M 2018. Etosha's elusive blue cranes. (Autumn 2018) 71
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TNN Namibias elusive Blue Cranes Aut 2018.pdf 1.43 MB
Scott A, Brown C, Kolberg H, Mendelsohn J, Scott M, Simmons R, Versveld W 2009. Namibia’s Blue Cranes continue to mystify. 38–40
Scott A, Böhme H, Brain C, Guim S, Kolberg H, Scott M, Versveld W 2015. Is the Blue Crane facing extinction in Namibia?. 46-49

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