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Chase BM, Scott L, Meadows ME, Gil-Romera G, Boom R, Carr AS, Reimer PJ, Truc L, Valsecchi V, Quick LJ 2012. Rock hyrax middens: A palaeoenvironmental archive for southern African drylands. Quaternary Science Reviews 56 (21) 107-125
Holmgren K, Lee-Thorp JA, Cooper GRJ, Lundblad K, Partridge TC, Scott L, Sithaldeen R, Talma AS, Tyson PD 2003. Persistent millennial-scale climatic variability over the past 25,000 years in Southern Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews 22 (21 - 22) 2311 - 2326
Marais E, Scott L, Gil-Romera G, Carrison JS 2015. The potential of palynology in fossil bat-dung from Arnhem Cave, Namibia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 70 (2) 109-115
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The potential of palynology in fossil bat-dung from Arnhem Cave.pdf 456.26 KB
Chase BM, Meadows ME, Scott L, Thomas DSG, Marais E, Sealy J, Reimer PJ 2009. A record of rapid Holocene climate change preserved in hyrax middens from southwestern Africa. Geology 37 (8) 703-706
Scott L, Skelton P 554: Karstveld Sink Holes. Freshwater Ecoregions of the World (FEOW)
Scott L, Romera GG, Marais E, Brook GA 2018. Pollen in fossil hyrax dung from Marine Isotope Stages 2 and 3 reveals past environments in Namibia. Quaternary International (464) 260-272
Scott L, Neumann FH, Brook GA, Bousman CB, Norström E, Metwally AA 2012. Terrestrial fossil-pollen evidence of climate change during the last 26 thousand years in Southern Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews 32 100-118
Flynn BA, Richardson AJ, Brierley AS, Boyer DC, Axelsen BE, Scott L, Moroff NE, Kainge PI, Tjizoo BM, Gibbons MJ 2012. Temporal and spatial patterns in the abundance of jellyfish in the northern Benguela upwelling ecosystem and their link to thwarted pelagic fishery recovery.   African Journal of Marine Science 34 (1) 131-146

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