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Daru BH, Manning JC, Boatwright JS, Maurin O, Maclean N, Schaefer H, Kuzmina M, van der Bank M 2013. Molecular and morphological analysis of subfamily Alooideae (Asphodelaceae) and the inclusion of Chortolirion in Aloe. Taxon 62 (1) 62-75
Lindner K, Hu Y, Pandey AK, Schaefer H 2017. The Namib-Thar Desert Disjunction in Dactyliandra (Cucurbitaceae) is the Result of a Recent Introduction to India. Systematic Botany (42) 63-72
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The Namib_Thar Desert Disjunction in Dactyliandra.pdf 2.82 MB

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