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Paterson JRB, Yates O, Holtzhausen H, Reid T, Shimooshili K, Yates S, Sullivan BJ, Wanless RM 2017. Seabird mortality in the Namibian demersal longline fishery and recommendations for best practice mitigation measures. Oryx 53 (2) 300-309
Beal M, Dias MP, Phillips RA, Oppel S, Hazin C, Pearmain EJ, Adams J, Anderson DJ, Antolos M, Arata JA, Arcos JM, Arnould JPY, Awkerman J, Bell E, Bell M, Carey M, Carle R, Clay TA, Cleeland J, Colodro V, Conners M, Cruz-Flores M, Cuthbert R, Delord K, Deppe L, Dilley BJ, Dinis H, Elliott G, de Felipe F, Felis J, Forero MG, Freeman A, Fukuda A, González-Solís J, Granadeiro JP, Hedd A, Hodum P, Igual JM, Jaeger A, Landers TJ, le Corre M, Makhado A, Metzger B, Militão T, Montevecchi WA, Morera-Pujol V, Navarro-Herrero L, Nel D, Nicholls D, Oro D, Ouni R, Ozaki K, Quintana F, Ramos R, Reid T, Reyes-González JM, Robertson C, Robertson G, Romdhane MS, Ryan PG, Sagar P, Sato F, Schoombie S, Scofield RP, Shaffer SA, Shah NJ, Stevens KL, Surman C, Suryan RM, Takahashi A, Tatayah V, Taylor G, Thompson DR, Torres L, Walker K, Wanless R, Waugh SM, Weimerskirch H, Yamamoto T, Zajkova Z, Zango L, Catry P 2021. Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels. Science Advances 7 eabd7225

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