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Sherley RB, Crawford RJM, Dyer BM, Kemper J, Makhado AB, Masotla M, Pichegru L, Pistorius PA, Roux J-P, Ryan PG, Tom D, Upfold L, Winker H 2019. The status and conservation of the Cape Gannet Morus capensis. Ostrich 90 (4) 335-346
Dyer BM, Cooper J, Crawford RJM, Sherley RB, Somhlaba S, Cockcroft A, Upfold L, Makhado AB 2020. Geographical and temporal variation in the diet of Bank Cormorants Phalacrocorax neglectus in South Africa. Ostrich 90 (4) 373-390
Crawford RJM, Sydeman WJ, Tom DB, Thayer JA, Sherley RB, Shannon LJ, Mcinnes AM, Makhado AB, Hagen C, Furness RW, Carpenter-Kling T, Saraux C 2022. Food limitation of seabirds in the Benguela ecosystem and management of their prey base.   Namibian Journal of Environment 6 (A) 1-13
Makhado AB, Braby R, Dyer BM, Kemper J, Mcinnes AM, Tom D, Crawford RJM 2021. Seabirds of the Benguela Ecosystem: Utilisation, long-term changes and challenges. Birds - Challenges and opportunities for business, conservation and research Mikkola H
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Seabirds of the Benguela Ecosystem.pdf 990.95 KB
Sherley RB, Ludynia K, Dyer BM, Lamont T, Makhado AB, Roux J-P, Scales KL, Underhill LG, Votier SC 2017. Metapopulation tracking juvenile penguins reveals an ecosystem-wide ecological trap. Current Biology 27 (4) 563-568
Crawford RJM, Makhado AB, Whittington PA, Randall RM, Oosthuizen WH, Waller LJ 2015. A changing distribution of seabirds in South Africa—the possible impact of climate and its consequences. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment Review Article
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A changing distribution of seabirds in South Africa_2015.pdf 2.47 MB
Crawford RJM, Whittington PA, Martin AP, Tree AJ, Makhado AB 2009. Population trends of seabirds breeding in South Africa's Eastern Cape and the possible influence of anthropogenic and environmental change. Marine Ornithology 37 159-174
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Population trends of seabirds breeding in South Africas Eastern Cape.pdf 1017.49 KB

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