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Jarre A, Hutchings L, Kirkman S, Kreiner A, Tchipalanga PCM, Kainge P, Uanivi U, Van der Plas A, Blamey L, Coetzee J, Lamont T, Samaai T, Verheye H, Yemane D, Axelsen BE, Ostrowski M, Stenevik EK, Loeng H 2015. Synthesis: Climate effects on biodiversity, abundance and distribution of marine organisms in the Benguela. Fisheries Oceanography (24) 122-149
Barlow R, Lamont T, Mitchell-Innes B, Lucas M, Thomalla S 2009. Primary production in the Benguela ecosystem, 1999–2002. African Journal of Marine Science 31 (1) 97-101
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Primary production in the Benguela ecosystem_1999_2002.pdf 2.88 MB
Sherley RB, Ludynia K, Dyer BM, Lamont T, Makhado AB, Roux J-P, Scales KL, Underhill LG, Votier SC 2017. Metapopulation tracking juvenile penguins reveals an ecosystem-wide ecological trap. Current Biology 27 (4) 563-568
Sherley RB, Ludynia K, Lamont T, Roux J-P, Crawford RJM, Underhill LG 2013. The initial journey of an Endangered penguin: implications for seabird conservation. Endangered Species Research 21 89-95

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