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John H-Ch, Mohrholz V, Lutjeharms JRE, Weeks S, Cloete R, Kreiner A, da Silva Neto D 2004. Oceanographic and faunistic structures across an Angola Current intrusion into northern Namibian waters. Journal of Marine Systems 46 (1-4) 1-22
Jarre A, Hutchings L, Kirkman S, Kreiner A, Tchipalanga PCM, Kainge P, Uanivi U, Van der Plas A, Blamey L, Coetzee J, Lamont T, Samaai T, Verheye H, Yemane D, Axelsen BE, Ostrowski M, Stenevik EK, Loeng H 2015. Synthesis: Climate effects on biodiversity, abundance and distribution of marine organisms in the Benguela. Fisheries Oceanography (24) 122-149
Finke G, Gee K, Gxaba T, Sorgenfrei R, Russo V, Pinto D, Nsiangango SE, Sousa LN, Braby R, Lopes Alves F, Heinrichs B, Kreiner A, Amunyela M, Popose G, Ramakulukusha M, Naidoo A, Mausolf E, Nsingi KK 2020. Marine Spatial Planning in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Environmental Development 2020

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