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Mills MSL, Franke U, Joseph G, Miato F, Milton S, Monadjem A, Oschadleus D, Dean WRJ 2010. Cataloguing the Lubango Bird Skin Collection: towards an atlas of Angolan bird distributions. ABC Bulletin 17 43-53
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Cataloguing the Lubango Bird Skin Collection.pdf 1.4 MB
Child MF, Milton SJ, Dean RWJ, Lipsey MK, Puttick J, Hempson TN, Mann GK, Babiker H, Chaudrey J, Humphrey G, Joseph G, Okes NC, Potts R, Wistebaar T 2010. Tree-grass coexistence in a flood-disturbed, semi-arid savanna system. Landscape Ecology 25 315–326

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