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Lett C, Veitch J, Van der Lingen CD, Hutchings L 2007. Assessment of an environmental barrier to transport of ichthyoplankton from the southern to the northern Benguela ecosystems. Marine Ecology Progress Series 347 247-259
Shillington FA, Peterson WT, Hutchings L, Probyn TA, Waldron HN, Agenbag JJ 1990. A cool upwelling filament off Namibia, southwest Africa: preliminary measurements of physical and biological features. Deep Sea Research Part A. Oceanographic Research Papers 37 (11) 1753-1772
Hutchings L, Verheye HM, Huggett JA, Demarq H, Cloete R, Barlow RG, Louw D, da Silva A 2006. 6 Variability of plankton with reference to fish variability in the Benguela current large marine ecosystem — An overview. Large Marine Ecosystems 14 91-124
Jarre A, Hutchings L, Kirkman S, Kreiner A, Tchipalanga PCM, Kainge P, Uanivi U, Van der Plas A, Blamey L, Coetzee J, Lamont T, Samaai T, Verheye H, Yemane D, Axelsen BE, Ostrowski M, Stenevik EK, Loeng H 2015. Synthesis: Climate effects on biodiversity, abundance and distribution of marine organisms in the Benguela. Fisheries Oceanography (24) 122-149
Shannon LV, Crawford RJM, Pollock DE, Hutchings L, Boyd AJ, Taunton-Clark J, Badenhorst A, Melville-Smith R, Augustyn CJ, Kochrane KL, Hampton I, Nelson G, Japp DW, Tarr RJQ 1992. The 1980s - a decade of change in the Benguela ecosystem. South African Journal of Marine Science 12 271 – 296
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The 1980s_a decade of change in the Benguela ecosystem.pdf 2.79 MB
Hutchings L, Van der Lingen CD, Shannon LJ, Crawford RJM, Verheye HMS, Bartholomae CH, van der Plas AK, Louw D 2009. The Benguela Current: An ecosystem of four components. Progress in Oceanography 83 15 - 32
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Hutchings et al 2009 The Benguela in four parts.pdf 2.51 MB

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