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Hockey PAR 1980. Request for information on Black Oystercatchers. Lanioturdus 16 (3-4) 4
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Request for information on Black Oystercatchers.pdf 159.21 KB
Hockey PAR, Hallinan J 1981. Effect of human disturbance on the breeding behaviour of Jackass Penguins Spheniscus demersus. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 11 (2) 59 - 62
Simmons RE, Roux J-P, Hockey PAR 2008. Age structure and roosts of African Black Oystercatchers in the Sperrgebiet and an estimate of Namibia's total population. Proceedings of a workshop on 1 April 2008 at Swakopmund, page 16
Hockey PAR, Navarro RA, Kalejta B, Velasquez CR 1992. The riddle of the sands: Why are shorebird densities so high in southern estuaries. American Naturalist 140 961 - 979
Cooper J, Hockey PAR, Brooke RK 1985. Introduced mammals on South and South West African islands: History, effects on birds and control. Proceedings of the Birds and Man Symposium Bunning, J. L. 179-203
Hockey PAR, Brooke RK, Cooper J, Sinclair JC, Tree AJ 1986. Rare and vagrant Scopalacid waders in southern Africa. Ostrich 57 (1) 37 - 55
Hockey PAR, Sinclair JC 1981. Nest and systematic position of Sclater's Lark. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 52 (4) 256 - 257
Hockey PAR, Cooper J, Duffy DC 1983. The roles of coastal birds in the functioning of marine ecosystems in southern Africa. South African Journal of Science 79 (4) 130-134
Hockey PAR 1982. Waders (Charadrii) and other coastal birds in the Lüderitz region of South West Africa. Madoqua 13 (1) 27 - 33
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Hockey_1982_Madoqua_13_1_waders.pdf 1.15 MB
Hockey PAR 1981. Cape Shovellers Anas smithii at sea off southern Africa. Cormorant 9 43
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Cape Shovellers Anas smithii at sea off southern Africa.pdf 48.46 KB

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