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Hauptfleisch ML, Avenant NL 2016. Actual and perceived collision risk for bird strikes at Namibian airports. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 87 (2) 161-171
Rogers M, Bilton MC, Hauptfleisch ML 2017. Responses and feedbacks of burrowing mammals under differently managed rangelands. Namibian Journal of Environment 1 (A) 40-51
Hauptfleisch ML, Dalton C 2015. Arthropod phototaxis and its possible effect on bird strike risk at two Namibian airports. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 13 (4) 957-965
Hauptfleisch ML, Avenant NL, Tsowaseb A 2013. Aircraft-wildlife collisions at two major Namibian airports from 2006–2010. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 43 (2) 177-178

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