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Naidoo R, Weaver LC, Diggle RW, Matongo G, Stuart-Hill G, Thouless C 2016. Complementary benefits of tourism and hunting to communal conservancies in Namibia. Conservation Biology 30 (3) 628-638
Diggle RW 2009. Conservancy programme financial model.
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CBNRM financial model.ppt 1.83 MB
Jones BTB, Davis A, Diez L, Diggle RW Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) and Reducing Poverty in Namibia. Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: Exploring the Evidence for a Link
Lindsey PA, Balme G, Becker M, Begg C, Bento C, Bocchino C, Dickman A, Diggle RW, Eves H, Henschel P, Lewis D, Marnewick K, Mattheus J, McNutt JW, McRobb R, Midlane N, Milanzi J, Morley R, Murphree M, Opyene V, Phadima J, Purchase G, Rentsch D, Roche C, Shaw J, van der Westhuizen H, Van Vliet N, Zisadza-Gandiwa P 2013. The bushmeat trade in African savannas: Impacts, drivers, and possible solutions. Biological Conservation 160 80-96
Naidoo R, Weaver LC, Diggle RW, Matongo G, Stuart-Hill G, Thouless C 2016. Importance of local values to successful conservation: response to Jacquet and Delon. Conservation Biology 30 912-913
Angula HN, Stuart-Hill G, Ward D, Matongo G, Diggle RW, Naidoo R 2018. Local perceptions of trophy hunting on communal lands in Namibia. Biological Conservation (218) 26-31
Störmer N, Weaver LC, Stuart-Hill G, Diggle RW, Naidoo R 2019. Investigating the effects of community-based conservation on attitudes towards wildlife in Namibia. Biological Conservation (233) 193-200

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