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Underhill LG, van Heezik YM, Seddon PJ, Malan G, Learmonth G, Braby R, Braby SJ, Simmons RE, de Swardt DH, Buys PJ, Bothma N Short Notes. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 63 (2-3) 128-137
Canaris AG, Kinsella JM, Braby R 2003. Helminth parasite communities in two species of shorebirds (Charadrii) from Namibia. Comparative Parasitology 70 (2) 155-161
Finke G, Gee K, Gxaba T, Sorgenfrei R, Russo V, Pinto D, Nsiangango SE, Sousa LN, Braby R, Lopes Alves F, Heinrichs B, Kreiner A, Amunyela M, Popose G, Ramakulukusha M, Naidoo A, Mausolf E, Nsingi KK 2020. Marine Spatial Planning in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Environmental Development 2020
Makhado AB, Braby R, Dyer BM, Kemper J, Mcinnes AM, Tom D, Crawford RJM 2021. Seabirds of the Benguela Ecosystem: Utilisation, long-term changes and challenges. Birds - Challenges and opportunities for business, conservation and research Mikkola H
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Seabirds of the Benguela Ecosystem.pdf 990.95 KB
Braby R, Patterson J, Brown C 1987. Peregrine Falcon breeding in the Namib Desert, SWA/Namibia. Gabar 2 43 - 44
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Peregrine Falcon breeding in Namib_Braby_Paterson_Brown 1987.pdf 99.02 KB
Simmons R, Baker N, Braby R, Dodman T, Nasirwa O, Tyler S, Versfeld W, Wearne K, Wheeler M 2007. The Chestnut-banded Plover is an overlooked globally Near Threatened Species. Bird Conservation International (17) 273-283
Fox VE, Lindeque PM, Simmons RE, Berry HH, Brain C, Braby R 1994. Flamingo "rescue" in Etosha National Park, 1994: technical, conservation and economic considerations. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology 68 (2-4) 72-76
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Flamingo rescue in Etosha National Park_1994.pdf 2.3 MB

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