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Bolin JF, Tennakoon KU, Maass E 2010. Mineral nutrition and heterotrophy in the water conservative holoparasite Hydnora Thunb. (Hydnoraceae). Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 205 (12) 802-810
Bolin JF, Maass E, Musselman LJ 2009. Pollination Biology of Hydnora africana Thumb. (Hydnoraceae) in Namibia: Brood-site mimicry with insect imprisonment. International Journal of Plant Sciences 170 (2) 157 - 163
Bolin JF, Maass E, Musselman LJ 2011. A New Species of Hydnora (Hydnoraceae) from Southern Africa. Systematic Botany 36 (2) 255-260

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